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Trek 7200 Bike Review

trek 7200 bike

This is a short review of the Trek 7200 bike. To begin with, the Trek 7200’s frame is built of lightweight aluminum that is both clean and sturdy.

The alpha aluminum frame is lightweight, nimble, and well-made. It accomplishes two goals. For starters, it provides the bike with an incredible structure that allows it to resist trail abuse without being damaged. Second, the 7200’s design mixes elegance with aerodynamics, making it easy to maneuver over trails.

This bike is designed to fulfill the needs of riders who want something solid, durable, compliant, and capable of smoothing out any terrain.

The bike has a beautiful color scheme. Available colors are Black Chrome/Smooth Silver, Matte Cool Silver/Matte Wedgewood Blue.

The size on the down tube is 17.5 inches. The front derailleur is a Shimano FD-C102 and the crank set is a Shimano TX71, 28/38/48 teeth. The tires, both front and back are Bontrager H2 plus tires (which is a brand that only Treck produces). The handlebar is made of high tensile steel.

There is a quick release on the front and the back. The trigger shifters have eight speed on the right handlebar and three speed on the left so in total the Trek 7200 bike has 24 speed. The bike saddle is a Bontrager Suburbia which is very very comfortable and aerodynamically designed.

The seat post has a suspension and the front fork also has a suspension which reduces strain on your back as you ride it. The rear derailleur is a Shimano Alivio which ships super smooth.

Its brakes are really strong and functions very well. The bike is fitted with tektro linear brakes which are are unique in that they contain a linear-pull braking mechanism that ensures a constant clamp force.

Overall, I recommend this 7200 bike to anyone who is a fitness enthusiasts whether a beginner or as a seasoned rider. I also recommend it for daily commuting.


  1. Bike rides very smoothly and handles very well in road and mildly in off road conditions.
  2. Durable bike
  3. Low maintenance, comfortable riding position


  1. Its said that the thin front tires lose traction when on wet or on gravel.


  1. Frame: Alpha aluminum
  2. Fork Materal: Aluminum, single crown
  3. Handlebars: Hi-tensile steel
  4. Stem: aluminum threadless
  5. Front Derailleur: Shimano C102
  6. Crankset: Shimano FC-203, 28/38/48 teeth
  7. Rear Derailleur: Shimano Alivio
  8. Bike Sizes: 15″, 17.5″, 20″, 22.5″, womens 15″, womens 17.5″, womens 20″
  9. Brakes: Aluminum linear-pull brakes, aluminum linear-pull levers
  10. Pedals: Resin
  11. Saddle: Bontrager Webspring

A 17.5″ bike should fit riders from around 5’5″ to 5’8″.

How much does a Trek 7200 Multitrack cost?

It all depends on where you buy yours whether brand new or used. Current market prices range from $285 to as low as less than $100

Tips Of Taking Care Of Your Trek 7200 Bike

Cleaning Your Bike

Perhaps the most basic thing you can do for your Trek 7200 bike is to clean it on a regular basis. You can clean your bike by sponging or scrubbing it with dishwashing liquid and water. Clean its cogs with a brush, then clean the chain with a brush before applying a degreaser.

Cleaning the tyres on your bicycle is very essential. Check the tires for signs of wear or damage once in a while. Wipe the various sections of the tires with a wet cloth soaked in household or dishwashing cleaner.

Lubricate Your Trek 7200

To operate optimally, your bicycle must be greased on a regular basis. Greasing the bike  protects it from wear caused by excessive friction, corrosion, and bike rust. Lubricate the metallic areas, particularly those that move against one another.

However, beware that excessive lubrication will attract dirt particles, so dont overdo it.

Wheel Tires & Bearings Of Your Trek 7200

Wheel bearings that are well-maintained are crucial for a smooth ride. Use a bike stand or, if you don’t have one, makeshift stands to lift your bike off the ground.

Examine the wheels to see if they are turning smoothly. Check to see if the tyres move gritty or coarsely. Check to see if your tyres need to be repaired or straightened. Only bike experts should do this service.

ABC Checks

A – A stands for air, therefore keep the tyres inflated and make sure the wheels are turning smoothly. If they don’t, examine for rubbing brakes or mudguards, as well as a possible sideways wheel wobbling.

B – The letter B stands for brakes, the most critical component of your Trek 7200 bike. Push the bike ahead and engage the front brake lever to test the front brake (normally the right hand one).

The bike should come to a complete halt. To use the back brake, do the same thing as before, but this time push the bike backwards. If you’re unsure, get it examined.

C – Chains, cables, and cogs are all represented by the letter C. Examine the cables for fraying, lubricate the chain, and make sure the handlebars and saddle aren’t moving.

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