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Trek 7100 Bike Review: What You Need to Know

The Trek 7100 is a hybrid bike, which means it’s a mix of a mountain bike and a road bike, giving you the best of the two. It’s designed to be efficient and speedy, with a comfortable non-racing upright posture.

Because of the Alpha aluminum frameset, this hybrid bike is geared to soaking impacts and allowing maximum velocity performance. It has a well-defined suspension fork that can absorb all-terrain shocks. The braking system is likewise excellent, with ample stopping power.

Trek 7100 Aluminium Frame

The 7100’s frame is built of lightweight aluminum. Aluminum has a good strength-to-weight ratio, is highly resistant to corrosion, and is relatively light (though not as light as carbon fiber). It’s also competitively priced, making it a favorite choice among budget riders and racers.

Aluminum bike frames, unlike steel frames, are not susceptible to corrosion. Aluminum’s rust resistance makes it very low-maintenance, making it excellent for mountain riding and touring riders, as well as any recreational cyclist who cycles in rainy weather on a regular basis.

Trek 7100 Tires

The Trek 7100’s broad tires help it to better absorb vibrations from a poorly paved road, resulting in a smoother ride and no speed loss due to suspension losses. In addition to the rolling resistance benefits of wide tyres, wide tyres also offer optimum comfort.

Gear System

The Shimano shifting mechanism is used in the Trek SL 1000 bike. Shimano was the first to design this cutting-edge technology, which benefits all types of cyclists. Shimano is a foundation of your cycling experience, whether you cycle for fun, fitness, commuting, or competition, and on pavement or trail.

7100 Trek Tires

Its H4 Bontrager tire has a more radical tread pattern than the H2, allowing for better traction on pathways while still maintaining reduced rolling resistance on pavement.

The tires allow for smooth rolling with an efficient, easy-rolling construction. The outer stability knobs on the shoulders are slightly more forceful for maximum control on muddy surfaces.


The crank is a Shimano M171, 48/38/28 with chainguard. Shimano M171 SIS triple chainset give you a precise and smooth shifting performance. To provide rapid and precise SIS shifting, the chainwheel contains chain pickup ridges, precisely optimized teeth profiles, and guide ramps.


  1. Attractive design, sturdy structure, and rapid and dependable performance. Highly recommended.
  2. Low repair costs. Extremely adaptable.
  3. It has a robust feel about it and handles rain and snow effectively.


  1. You might want to consider replacing the saddle with a more comfortable one.
  2. Some customers have reported hearing a creaking noise originating from the crank area, particularly when torque is applied.

Trek 7100 Specs Summary

  1. Frame: Aluminum
  2. Frame Angles: 71.5 head, 73.5 seat
  3. Bike Sizes: 15″, 17.5″, 20″, 22.5″, womens 15″, womens 17.5″, womens 20″
  4. Bike Colors: Red/Silver, Silver/White
  5. Fork: RST CT-COM C4
  6. Rear Shock: Not applicable
  7. Brake Levers: Aluminum linear-pull
  8. Handlebar: aluminum, 2″ rise
  9. Stem: Aluminum, Treadless
  10. Headset: 1 1/8″ threadless aluminum threadless
  11. Front Derraileur: Shimano C102
  12. Crankset: Suntour NEX-200, 28/38/48 teeth
  13. Rear Derraileur: SRAM ESP 3.0
  14. Bike Tires: 700 x 35c Bontrager Invert Select

Taking Care Of Your Trek 7100 Bike

  1. Clean It – Keeping your Trek 7100 clean is the most important thing you can do to extend its life. It’s tedious, but it’s true. A container of soapy water, a cloth, and an old toothbrush are all you need to clean the frame, saddle, handlebars, chain and gear sprockets, though a thorough degreaser will assist break down the oil and grit in the chain and gear sprockets.
  2. Brakes – Dirty brakes, or at the very least dirty wheel rims, are frequently the cause of screeching brakes. Clean and dry both correctly, and you’ve solved the problem 50% of the time. If it doesn’t work, they may need to be tweaked.
  3. Lubrication – To function efficiently, your 7100 bike must be greased on a regular basis. Lubrication protects the bike from wear, corrosion, and rust caused by excessive friction. Lubricate the metal pieces, particularly those that move against one another. However, excessive lubrication might attract dirt particles, so be careful not to overdo it. With a cloth, wipe away any extra lubrication.

Similarly, applying lubricant too thinly may cause it to wear off or disperse. Make sure you use the correct amount of lubricant.

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