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Raleigh Redux 2 Bike Review


Raleigh bicycles are built with one basic goal in mind: to make them as enjoyable as possible. An concept that sparked the development of their first bicycles in 1887 and continues to influence how they operate today. After all, having a good time makes people happy.

A Raleigh Redux 2 bike may easily be mistaken for a large BMX. It has 650 B wheels with massive Vee Tire Co. Zilent 27.5x47c tires and enough of room for even bigger tires, as well as disc brakes and a simple 1 x 9 drivetrain.

Riding this bike will be a blast, allowing you to do all sorts of things that you wouldn’t be able to do on a more expensive bike.

Two models are available in Raleigh’s Redux range. The Redux 2 is the more expensive model; the Redux 1 is the less priced sister, that will cost you about $550 (new). The Redux 1 and Redux 2 have the same aluminum frame and fork (with rack and fender mounts), as well as other similar parts ie cranks, rims, seatpost & the saddle).

The main differences is that the Redux 1 has a 1×8 drivetrain while the Redux 2 has a 1×9. The other difference is that the Redux 1 comes with mechanical disc brakes while the Redux 2 has hydraulic brakes.

In my opinion, the custom formed AL-6061 heat treated aluminum frame is the best choice for a bike that you’ll probably do a lot of crazy things with.

Another feature that I appreciate about this bike is the aluminum fork. I first assumed it was carbon, but after doing some research, I discovered that it is SPF aluminum with an aluminum steer, allowing it to withstand severe handling without cracking, shattering, or ripping away any carbon pieces.

I didn’t like the notion of no carbon on this bike, but I think it makes perfect sense because the whole point of this bike is to allow you to make crazy judgments on your commute or to ride it recklessly.

This vehicle’s drivetrain is actually quite impressive. It isn’t overly pricey, so if you want to make any drivetrain upgrades, you won’t feel awful about removing some of the stock components.

The bike is equipped with an unbranded three-piece aluminum crank with a 42-tooth chain ring, a Shimano Alivio nine-speed derailler, and a Shimano 11-34 cassette.

The gear ratio is more than adequate for just about anything you’ll want to accomplish with this bike. I believe it makes sense for many manufacturers to use a single drivetrain since it is straightforward for new users, requires less maintenance for men and women who do their own labor, has fewer parts, and weighs less.

In traffic and in adverse weather, the Redux 2 hydraulic disc brakes provide a tremendous stopping force. The bike features a 73-degree saddle angle, but a 3.5-degree steeper head tube angle and a noticeably shorter wheelbase, allowing for faster handling.

The 27.5-inch, 50mm-wide tires give you awesome flat protection across gravel, light paths and pavements. The slight disadvantage is that they don’t give the best traction off-road or in more stressful conditions.

In conclusion, the bikes’ geometry is designed from the ground up for comfort and ease of usage throughout the day, and they’re clearly more comfortable than rival gravel or road bikes. They aren’t dedicated sport bikes, but they are comfortable, capable bikes that can be used for adventure if the need arises.


  1. Light bike. Comfortable and fast
  2. Shifts smoothly
  3. Thick tires that get you through winter rides that included deep slush and hardpack snow. Fast rolling
  4. More than one customer found assembly to be easy and straightforward.


  1. The Redux’s 2 seatpost and wheels are fastened with quick releases, making them easy to steal.
    Its wide bars proved suitable for shorter commutes, but less comfortable on longer rides.

How To Take Care Of Your Raleigh Redux 2 Bike

  1. Check Tires – It’s critical to inspect your bike’s tires on a frequent basis . Examine the quality of your bike as well as the air pressure. Ensure that the tire air pressures are kept at the prescribed range by your bike’s manufacturer. Check your tires for any scratches or scrapes that could lead to problems like tire blowout. Remember to inspect your tire treads. Check the wheel balance and alignment as well.
  2. Chain Maintenance – The bike chain should be checked and lubed. You may need to oil your chain more frequently if you’re cycling in extremely dry or damp circumstances. Squeaks and squeals will be heard from a dry chain. A filthy chain will have a gritty, crunching sound.
  3. Saddle – Drip a few drops of oil on the rail where it attaches to your saddle and into the clamp where it grabs the rails if your saddle is creaking. (But first, make sure the area is completely clean and clear of dust and grime—a thorough cleaning may be enough to remedy the problem.)
  4. Clean Your Bike – Don’t be a slacker and give your bike a sponge bath! It’s pointless to clean on the surface. Clean your bicycle thoroughly with a soft cloth and soap water. Some of the most important pieces of your bicycle, such as the spokes, chain, and sprocket, may be difficult to reach. Make no excuses; clean these areas with a tooth brush. A little kerosene can also be used to remove tenacious grease and filth.
  5. Brakes -Brakes are an essential component of bicycle maintenance and safety. You simply cannot afford to make any compromises in this situation! Disc brakes are standard on most current bicycles. As a result, make sure that old brake pads are replaced and that the brake lines are correctly bled so that you may safely maneuver around unexpected turns and obstructions.

Raleigh Redux 2 Specs Summary

  1. FRAME: Aluminium, Custom Formed AL-6061 Heat Treated Aluminum 27.5 City Sport Geometry
  2. FORK: Alloy Blades, with Post Mount Disc,
  3. HEADSET: 1 1/8″Internal Cartridge Bearing
  4. CRANKS: Alloy Forged 3PC 104BCD, 40t
  5. BOTTOM BRACKET: Sealed Cartridge Bearing
  6. REAR DERAILLEUR: Shimano Alivio M4000 Shadow
  7. SHIFTER: Shimano Acera M3000 9-Speed Trigger Shifter, Right Side Only
  8. COGSET: Shimano 9sp 11-34t Cassette
  9. CHAIN: KMC 9sp
  10. FRONT HUB: Alloy Quick Release Disc, 32 Hole
  11. REAR HUB: Alloy Quick Release Disc, 32 Hole
  12. SPOKES: 14g Stainless Steel with Brass Nipples
  13. RIMS: Alloy DDM-5, 32h, 27.5″, 28mm Wide Double Wall
  14. TIRES: Vee Tire Co. Zilent 27.5x47c, Wire Bead, 30 TPI
  15. BRAKE LEVERS: Tektro HD-T285
  16. PEDALS: Alloy Body, Chromoly Spindle
  17. HANDLEBAR: Double Butted Alloy 35mm, 28mm Rise, 680mm Wide
  18. GRIPS: MTB Lock-On with End Plugs
  19. STEM: 3D Forged Aluminum Alloy, 35mm Bra Clamp
  20. SEAT: Redux Saddle
  21. SEATPOST: Alloy Micro Adjust, 27.2 x 350/400mm
  22. BRAKES: Tektro HD-T285 Hydraulic Disc with 160mm Rotors
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