Bike Racks For Cars With Rear Spoilers

bike racks rear spoiler

We dive deep and review some of the best bike racks for cars with rear spoilers. These are the bike racks we will be reviewing:-

    1. Holloywood Racks Over-The-Top Trunk
    2. Thule Raceway Pro Trunk Bike Rack
    3. Saris Bones Car Bike Rack
    4. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack
    5. Hollywood Racks Expedition Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

1. Hollywood Racks Over-The-Top Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

bike racks for cars with rear spoilers

A great option for vehicles that have a rear spoiler. This bike rack is also designed to be used by SUVs and Hatchbacks. It features a high rise adjustable frame that includes three different types of attachment straps to maintain a proper fit for your vehicle.

Up to three bikes can be held firmly in place by rubber anti-sway bike cradles and EPDM rubber straps. This bike rack comes completely pre-assembled and is  compact enough to be folded and carried in your trunk or stored in a garage. 35 pound is the maximum carrying capacity per bike.

A top tube adaptor may be required for kids’ bikes, ladies’ frame bikes, and some mountain bikes to fit on the rack. Its advisable to check your vehicle’s Fitguide to see if the rack will fit.

  • The bike is well supported by the dual arms.
  • Hubs that interlock with quick-release levers
  • Allow for independent arm adjustments for optimal ground clearance and bike leveling.
  • Allows you to change the base to fit the shape of your hatch or trunk.
  • The base of the rack is secured to your trunk or hatch door by four adjustable cam buckle straps with rubber-coated hooks.
  • The foam pads on the base of the rack protect the painting of your car.
  • Long-lasting and rust-resistant steel construction with a black powder coat finish
  • The foldable shape enables for easy storage.

To mount children’s, ladies or alternative frames of bicycles, there is a dual-arm rack that eliminates the need for a bike frame adaptor bar (sold separately). However, a bike adapter bar may be required to mount certain bikes or to keep your bike level on the rack.

A bike adapter bar is required for most step-through bikes, dual-suspension bicycles, and tiny children’s bicycles.

Don’t allow your vehicle spoiler get in the way of your enjoyment. The Over-the-Top bike rack allows you to transport three bikes on the back of your vehicle without risking your spoiler being damaged by the rack’s mounting straps or frame. It also works well in classic vehicle trunks.

Most spoilers, especially those seen on contemporary SUVs, minivans, and hatchbacks, can be fitted with this rack because the Over-the-ample has enough clearance. The high-rise structure stretches up and over the top of your trunk or hatch, and the top two straps can be attached at angles to avoid rubbing on your spoiler.

The straps can be attached to your vehicle’s hatch, trunk, roof rack crossbars, or raised roof-rack side rails using a variety of mounting methods.

What Vehicles Will This Rack Fit?

Below is a list of some vehicle that this bike rack will fit:

2003 – 2005 Lincoln Aviator
2013 – 2014 Cadillac ATS
1973 – 1994 Chevrolet Blazer
2013 – 2016 Audi Allroad
1989 – 1995 Plymouth Acclaim
1995 – 2020 Toyota Avalon
2007 – 2016 GMC Acadia
2006 – 2017 Mazda 5
1985 – 2005 Chevrolet Astro
2017 – 2019 Audi A4 Allroad
2005 – 2015 Nissan Armada
2004 – 2009 Kia Amanti
1999 – 2004 Chrysler 300M
2017 – 2017 GMC Acadia Limited
2009 – 2009 Saturn Astra
2006 – 2007 Subaru B9 Tribeca
2007 – 2011 Chevrolet Aveo5
1995 – 2003 Oldsmobile Aurora
1993 – 2020 Nissan Altima
2007 – 2009 Chrysler Aspen
1997 – 2010 Audi A8
2007 – 2009 Saturn Aura
1995 – 2014 Dodge Avenger
2006 – 2014 Hyundai Azera
1998 – 2022 Toyota 4Runner
1985 – 1993 Mercedes-Benz 190
2008 – 2014 Chrysler 300
1988 – 1995 Mazda 929
2019 – 2022 Subaru Ascent
2001 – 2005 Audi Allroad Quattro

One person commented and said that he installed it on his 2014 Toyota RAV4 (with spoiler) for the first time. It was his first time using the bike rack and he was quite pleased with it.

The rack safely held three adult-sized bicycles when they went for a ride over hilly, winding, and bumpy country roads. He further added that there were no squeaking, wiggling, or shaking movements.

It was quite simple to put together and take apart.

2. Thule Raceway Pro Trunk Bike Rack

bike rack rear end spoiler


The Thule Raceway Pro bike trunk rack mounts to your car rapidly and effortlessly, and an ingenious dial allows you to reduce the slack for a powerful, tailored fit by merely twisting your wrist. It works well with cars with rear spoiler tooo.

The Thule Raceway Pro trunk bike rack is built to carry 1-3 bikes easily in the back of your vehicle. With easy, tool-free setup, this quality hanging-style bike rack conveniently connects to the trunk or hatchback of your car. Rubber cushioning has been installed to protect the car from harm while in transit.

Integrated no-sway cages, as well as 5.5″ between bicycles, eliminate any bike-to-bike collision when riding. The cradle’s small size allows it to fit a wide range of bikes and frames. The accompanying locks secure the bikes to the rack and the rack to the car. The trunk bike carrier can also be folded flat for easy storage.

Thule Raceway Pro Features

The Thule Raceway offers a number of distinguishing features. It possesses a great rubber padding guards as well as vinyl coated hooks that will protect your vehicle’s paint and finish. Road Damping Technology is used in the cradles to give a comfortable ride for your bicycle.

It also has anti-sway cradles to keep your bikes from colliding with one another. The arms are entirely adjustable, allowing you to slide them closer together, detach them, and vary the angle to fit a range of bikes.

The rack features a revolutionary fit dial mechanism that makes it adaptable to a wide range of cars. Each end of the bike rack has a lock that allows the rack to be attached to the car for complete security.

A cable lock system is located on the end of one of the arms, allowing your rack to not only fasten to your vehicle, but also to secure your bikes to the rack. Any of the keys provided will work on any of the locks on the rack because it uses the same key scheme.

The Thule Raceway is formed with gas-injected molded nylon that is both sturdy and lightweight. This bike rack can hold two bikes with a combined weight capacity of 70 pounds.

The space between the movable arms can range from 6 1/2 inches to 10 1/2 inches. When loading a female’s bike, an alternative frame bike, or a child’s bike, the Thule Bike Adapter Bar may be required.

One reviewer said he had this rack mounted on a Kia Soul. He advised that with all racks, you’ll want to preserve your vehicle’s paint because the rack will move and, over time, even the silicon that comes into contact with the paint will gradually wear it away. One tip to preserve your car paint is to use a 3M vinyl coating to protect the touch spots, and it appeared to work for him.

He noted that he found it difficult to manipulate the locking mechanisms for the support arms and legs without using a “tool.” His wife, when she isn’t carrying a bike still had trouble lowering the arms.

Thule Raceway Pro Video

3. Saris Bones Car Bike Rack

saris bones bike rack rear spoiler

Two bikes can be carried on the back of your sedan, hatchback, or van by this trunk-mounted rack. The arched body is designed to fit over a variety of rear spoilers.

Ratcheting straps with anti-sway holds your bike frames at 3 points. Helps to a void bike-to-bike and bike-to-car collisions and also stops your bike’s finish from being scratched or scuffed.

Arched arms can be adjusted individually that help support the bikes and ensure level transportation.  To avoid tangled handlebars and pedals, hang bikes at different levels.  When not in use, fold it down.

The rack is secured to your trunk by six adjustable nylon straps with ladder lock buckles. Hooks with a vinyl coating will not scratch your paint.

Rubber feet with articulation protect your trunk from damages and scuffs.

Saris Bones Bike Rack Video

How to Fit a Saris Bones 2 Car Rack?

Find out how simple it is to install a Saris Bones 2 car rack onto your car in this video

By and large, most of the reviews of this bike rack are positive with a few complains here and there


  • Saris is a light, easy-to-install and folds up elegantly.
  • Easy to mount the bikes and the straps work well.
  • The vertical post’s strap performs an excellent job of keeping the bikes in place. The integrated lock that secures the rack as well as the cable lock for the bikes are both effective.


  • Modern bike frames with non-standard forms, such as the Ibis Mojo HD3, cannot be supported properly by the bike’s two main bars. You may need to buy an extra bike “hanger” to keep the bike suspended between the handlebar stem and the seat post.
  • There is only one anti-swing strap built into the rack. One for each bicycle. The strap seems to be too short to keep the bike from swinging, thus more than one is required.

Bones has demonstrated that it’s more than just a typical rear–mounted vehicle rack, receiving 4.5 out of 5 stars from Bicycling Magazine. It’s a tried statement of beauty, design, practicality, and longevity.

4. Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk rear spoiler rack

Allen’s Deluxe Trunk Mounted Bike Racks are perfect for weekend bike journeys with friends and relatives, as well as cross-country excursions. Sturdy designs and decades of development have resulted in a rack that will safely transport you and your bike wherever your trip takes you.

  • Most sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUVs with rear spoilers can benefit from the simple, durable design. Rack Finder can help you find the right rack for your vehicle.
  • During installation, the single configuration design eliminates setup hassles and headaches.
  • Your bicycles are secured and protected by a patented individual tie-down system.
  • The vehicle is protected by a padded lower frame, which also has left and right side straps for stability.
  • It arrives completely assembled and ready to use, and it installs in seconds. 12 inch length carry arms and 115 inch broad carry arms accommodate a wide range of bicycle styles for increased bike compatibility.
  • During transport, the rack’s central frame keeps bicycles away from your vehicle.

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Installation Guide


  • It suits most sedans or hatchback cars
  • It can easily handle two adult bikes
  • It looks and feels well built
  • Straps are sturdy
  • Pads are nice enough to keep it from damaging your trunk or glass if you have a hatchback
  • It only takes a few minutes to set up.


Someone said that the metal hooks for connecting to the trunk can be rough on your vehicle because the rubber end caps on the bars come off too readily, causing water to fill the bars, which then spills rust water all over you/your car when you remove them.

5. Hollywood Racks Expedition Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

Hollywood Racks Expedition Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

The Expedition F6 trunk bike rack is both functional and fashionable. It fits practically any vehicle, including the Toyota Prius (2004-2015), and comes with six connection straps to keep your bikes safely secured in your trunk.

The unique anti-sway blocks and soft rubber cradles also safeguard your bikes from harm while in transportation, which is especially important when transporting numerous bikes.

Choose between a 2-bike rack and a 3-bike rack with the F6-2 or F6-3 respectively This trunk rack is pre-assembled and folds flat for convenient storage.

Hollowood Racks Expedition Trunk Instructions Video

Hollywood Racks Fit Guide

Hitch Mounts: A trailer hitch can be installed on almost any vehicle. Hollywood hitch racks are available in two sizes: 1-1/4″ (class II) and 2″ (class III). Please get the proper size installed on your car by an expert.

Vehicles with Spare Tires Mounted Externally: Model SR-1 or a hitch-mounted rack can be used.


  • Stable, strong, easy to set up and remove.
  • The anti-sway block is a brilliant idea


Bike Racks Frequently Asked Questions

a) How do I stop my bike rack from scratching?

If you are not careful, automotive damage can cost thousands of dollars to fix. So, if you want to preserve both your vehicle and your bike in good shape, pay attention to your bike rack and how you set it up. Below are some points to consider to ensure that your bike doesnt scratch your car.

1. Make sure your bike rack is installed correctly. Installing a bike correctly is one of the best methods to avoid it damaging your vehicle. All guidelines for installing and operating your bike rack should be carefully read and followed.

Because each bike rack has its own set of instructions, make sure to read the setup instructions that came with your bike rack carefully.

2. When utilizing the straps on trunk racks, be careful since they will spring back on you if not secured properly when they are new. They also have a tendency to stretch over time, so secure your bikes carefully. Also, when mounting your bikes, make sure the first bike’s pedal is towards your license plate to avoid scratching your paint.

3. Take extra time to ensure that your bike rack is sturdy and stable. This is also true of the bicycles themselves. It’s worth double-checking the rack numerous times to ensure that the bikes don’t come off, causing damage to both the bikes and the car.

Examine the rack’s and bikes’ sturdiness, as well as the straps and any other items related with your specific bike rack.

4. Do not try to overburden your bike rack because this increases the possibility of it swaying or falling, which can cause major harm depending on the type of rack you have.

5. Last but not least, if you are not using your bike rack, remember to store it in a safe place. Forgetting a bike rack on a vehicle increases the probability of it causing it to damage your vehicle. In addition, exposing a bike rack to harsh weather might accelerate its deterioration.

6. Use a car scratch protectors for trunk bike rack – There are flexible pads on sale on Amazon that shield your car’s paint and finish from damage caused by trunk bike racks, particularly the hooks that attach to the trunk lid’s edges. Order one here

Is it bad to carry your bike upside down?

You should not hang a bicycle with hydraulic disc brakes (Shimano XT, SRAM Guide, etc.) upside down or vertically. Air bubbles form inside the reservoir tank or the cables when the bike is hung upside down. This can impede the brakes’ performance until the air returns to the reservoir’s top.

Do bike racks scratch your bike?

It all depends on the type of bike rack you have used on how well you have mounted and strapped your bike on it.

What are the different types of bike racks?

Bike racks fall under 3 main categories:- Strap-on trunk racks, hitch-mount racks and roof racks.

All have their advantages and disadvantages. The strap-on is the cheapest, but it’s the weakest to secure; the roof rack is the most adaptable, but it’s the most challenging to use; and the hitch-mount is the most pricey, but it’s the most user-friendly.

Strap-on trunk racks – The cheapest bike-carrier option is a strap-on trunk mount. They normally range in price from forty bucks all the way to $200. Some models can go as high as $300. The carrier’s structure has straps that attach to the car’s trunk, hatchback, or rear bumper. The frame of the bike is held in place by plastic-coated support arms; better carriers have padded or recessed cradles.

Hitch-mount racks – Hitch-mount racks are available in a variety of sizes to meet the vehicle’s hitch class. Most automobiles and compact car-based SUVs can use Class I hitches with 1.25-inch holes. Pickup trucks and truck-based SUVs often have Class III hitches with 2-inch holes.

The number of bikes to be carried (racks for Class I hitches rarely carry more than three bikes) and your car will determine your decision (Class III hitches cannot be adapted to most cars). Single-bike hitch mounts can be purchased for about $100 on generic brands, while popular brands start at $125 and swing-away models can cost up to $400. Hitch racks are typically designed to carry two to five bikes.

Roof racks – Several roof-mounted carriers use mounting feet and clips to attach to a vehicle’s top door frame or rain gutters, while others use mounting feet and clips to attach to a vehicle’s current roof rack and crossbars (as seen on many SUVs and wagons).

If your vehicle already has a roof rack or crossbars to support the bike attachment, the total cost will be reduced. The most simple carriers are under $50 per bike, whereas more complex models are above $100. Add $125 to $200 to the total if you need to purchase the standard roof rack and crossbars.

You’ll have to determine how you’ll install your bicycles after you’ve settled on a roof rack.

Why are bike racks so expensive?

The major reason is that due to the complexity of making the bike racks, coupled with the research, materials used and special features that are added to them all add up in making the bike racks be generally expensive.

Are bike racks safe?

Bike racks have their pros and cons. Generally they are safe if you install them correctly and ensure the bikes are strapped on firmly and dont overexceed the carrying capacity of the rack.

Do all bike racks fit all cars?

No. Different bike racks have been designed to fit different type of vehicles. Strap-on trunk racks, hitch-mount racks or roof racks are designed to be installed on specific ares of the vehicles so a strap on rack might not fit well on a truck etc.

Why are Thule racks so expensive?

Thule racks are expensive mostly due to their high-quality designs that necessitates numerous unique design features and use of high-quality parts to make them.

We hope you found the above information useful to help you make an informed decision before you buy a bike rack that fits a car with rear spoilers.

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