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5 Best Hybrid Bikes For Women Worth Their Price

For those who are new to biking, a hybrid bike are a combine the best features of road bikes, touring bikes, and mountain bikes. The consequent “hybrid” is a versatile bike that can handle a variety of riding situations and activities. Beginner cyclists, leisure riders, commuters, and children love them because of their sturdiness, convenience, and ease of use.

Many cyclists find the flat, straight handlebars & upright sitting posture of a mountain bike to be comfortable and intuitive on hybrids. When riding on the road, hybrids use the reduced weight, thinner wheels, and smooth tires of road bikes, allowing for higher speed and less exertion.

A hybrid bike is a fantastic choice for women who want to have a “fitness bike,” haven’t ridden a bike in ages, or are uneasy with the more forceful geometry of a typical road cycle.

Much like a touring bicycles, hybrid bikes often include areas to put racks and bags for carrying cargo.

Hybrid bikes have generated a slew of sub-categories to cater to a wide range of users. They’re divided into categories based on their design objectives, such as those that prioritize comfort or fitness, and those that are available as city, cross, or commuter cycles.

In this blog post we will be reviewing our list of recommended hybrid bikes for women that are solid and worth their price

1. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Women

best women hybrid bike

This Schwinn hybrid bike is great for commuting and doing neighborhood rides. For women bikers who are 5 feet 7 inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall can comfortably ride on this bike using its 700c wheels.

You get to enjoy a smooth ride that is provided by the Schwinn alloy hybrid frame with its fit geometry and suspension fork. Precision gear changes are provided by 21-speed shifters with rear derailleurs, and aluminum linear pull brakes provide superb stopping force.

Additional comfort is provided by the suspension seat post, Schwinn hybrid saddle, and ergonomic grips.

The rear carrier provides useful cargo space, while the fenders shield you from splashes and mud. The Discover 2 comes with a limited lifetime guarantee, just like all Schwinn bikes, for as long as you own it.

Technical Specs

  • The Frame 17′ in size and made of aluminium
  • Shifters: Simano, EZ-Fire trigger shifter
  • Threadless headset made of steel
  • Adjustable stem made of Aluminium
  • The Rims are double allow wall made of aluminium
  • The fork is has a suspension and is made of Alloy/steel.
  • The shifters Shimano with EZ-Fire trigger shifter.

With this hybrid bike you cannot sit up straight like a cruiser. The handle bars of this bike can be altered, but you’ll have to hunch over a little to get into a comfortable posture. It can become tiring after a while, but not to the point of back pain.

I wouldnt recommend this bike if your height is 5,2 and you’ll need a bike with a small frame (15″ or smaller). Numerous 700C bikes are available with that frame size. You can probably ride this bike, but for safety concerns, you should look for a bike with a smaller frame.

The bike is somewhat heavy, weighing in at around 40 pounds. Some people may be concerned about this, but not everyone. It’s possible that the weight is related to the solid construction.

Although this is a strong bike, the frame tubes are larger than usual and more oval than circular. As a result, accessories that are typically installed on the bike may not always fit.

This bike comes with a double walled 700c x 38mm, 24h Alloy wheel rim with 4 gauge 278-280mm steel spokes in terms of quality and workmanship. Given that it is essentially a standardly made Rim, 24 spokes is quite light. At around 160 miles/two weeks in, someone said they blew a spoke.

Women are drawn to the Discover because of its advantages over most other hybrid bikes now on the market.

This bike was created with ergonomics in mind, allowing you to maintain a biking position that will protect your neck and lower back from straining as you rack up the kilometers. The custom-shaped frame and sweeping handlebars help the bike fit a woman’s figure flawlessly.

Overall, this is a solid hybrid bike for women that we recommend to our readers. Click link below to see the current prices on


2. Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike

best hybrid bike for women

This is a hybrid bike made both for men and women. The Schwinn aluminum dual sport frame is lightweight and durable, and the Schwinn suspension fork absorbs road or path bumps. Excellent for a variety of riding conditions.

Quick, precise gear changes are possible with Schwinn 21-speed trigger shifters and Schwinn rear derailleur. The Schwinn alloy triple crank provides excellent gearing and easy terrain adaptation.

Mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear provide all-weather stopping power and speed control. You can ride in the rain, dust, and other conditions with confidence.

Double-wall alloy rims with a high profile enhance strength without weighting you down. Furthermore, the Schwinn multi-terrain tires are suitable for both on and off-road use.

Technical Specs

– Aluminium alloy frame
– Has a 21 speed Shimano gear system
-Shimano drive train
– Alloy suspension fork
– Disc brake system
– Quick release technology for front and back wheels
– Bike weighs 32 lbs

For its price point, this is a pretty neat hybrid bike for women. It can take about 1 hour to assemble and its multi-use tires provide plenty of grip on or off road. The front suspension fork dampends vibrations and allows you to enjoy smooth ride on different types of terrain.

The disc brakes are fantastic and really accurate. This is perhaps the bike’s best attribute, especially if you live somewhere where it rains a lot. A little arch over the steering wheel on the front column can be used to mount a headlight. It’s a minor touch, but it’s useful and attractive.

One of the complains ive seen with different reviewers has to do with the seat. Guys are complaining that the seat is a bit hard and makes the perinium area sore. Id recommend changing the seat to something more comfortable.

The bike is attractive, and the 18″ frame is ideal for a height and weight of 5′ 11″ and 210 pounds. Chain braking and tire pinching have been noted by some. I’d recommend  keeping the chain lubed and shift the gears properly to reduce chain tension gear shifting, thus minimising the problems and frustrations you have to deal with.

If you’re a bigger individual, I’d also recommend upgrading the bike peddles from plastic to something more durable to avoid them cracking or breaking after a few months of normal use.

The 700c wheel size is idea for women with a height of between 5 feet 4″ to 6 feet 2′. The bike comes with a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike.

How To Assemble a Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike Video

Below is an interesting video that shows you how to assemble a Schwinn Hybrid bike

Click link below to see the current prices on


3. Hiland Hybrid Bike for Adult 700C Wheels with 7 Speeds

Another great hybrid bike for women. Hiland hybrid bikes can be used for a variety of purposes. They’re ideal for fitness, commuting, adventure, and pleasure, among other things. And each one is made to provide a comfortable and enjoyable ride. If you’re shopping for a bike as a woman but aren’t sure which one to acquire, a Hiland hybrid is almost certainly the best option.

Hiland provides you with a pleasant, cheap bike for riding that is designed for adaptability and performance! The retro design and simplistic style will provide you with a unique new experience. Make yourself the most appealing rider on the road!

In the city, the 6-speed bike is comfortable to ride and takes no skill to shift the gears. This bike is highly appealing due to the high quality of the Aluminum alloy frame and the great paint. Caliper brakes are used in the braking system and teh SHIMANO 7-speed Shifters provide you complete control in any situation.

The bike is 85% pre-assembled, making assembly simple. With your order, you will also receive complimentary installation tools and pedals. A person standing 5″6- 6″ tall can ride on the 18-inch frame. The bike does not have a foot kickstand so you have to buy it separately.

The lime greenish color is loved by many. A good bike for city riding though I wouldnt recommend it for hilly areas that would require a 12 speed bike for more comfortable ride

The 17.5-inch frame is excellent for persons who are between the heights of 5’5 and 6’0 “‘& 6’ The 20.5inch frame size is appropriate for persons standing between 5’7″ and 6’1” “& 7’2”. The aluminum frame is extremely robust and long-lasting, making it ideal for years of driving enjoyment.

Technical Specs Summary

  • The frame is made of Aluminum and has front/rear wheel quick release
  • The fork is made of Aluminum
  • It’s shifters is ASLRS45R7A 7 SPEEDS
  • The rear derailleur is a Shimano ARDTY300D
  • Brake type is caliper
  • Pedals: 9/16 inch
  • Bike weight is 28 pounds

Hiland Hybrid Bike Assembly Video

An informative video showing you how to assemble a Hiland hybrid bike

Overall, Hiland hybrid bike is a great bike for women. Its comfy, easy to shift and easy to ride. Plus it look fabulous. Click link below to see the current prices on



trek hybrid bike women

Trek is world famous for producing great quality bikes that have recieved awesome reviews from its users all over the internet. Trek also makes hybrid bikes that are specifically designed for women and one such bike is the Trek FX 3 Disc bike

The Trek FX 3 Disc Women’s is a multipurpose hybrid bike designed for comfort, agility, and usefulness. It boasts a lightweight aluminum frame, a carbon fork, solid disc brakes that stop in any circumstances, and a saddle that is designed for women giving you a better fit and feel right out of the box.

If you like commuting or you are a fitness rider seeking for a versatile, comfortable bike with quality components that will work on longer trips – and you appreciate the fit and feel of touchpoints built exclusively for women, like the saddle — then this bike is for you.

Technical Aspects

– This hybrid bike is made out of a lightweight Alpha Gold Aluminium frame
– FX Carbon, rack and fender mounts, flat mount disc, 405mm axle-to-crown, ThruSkew 5mm QR
– Shimano Hydraulic disc brakes
– 18 speed Shimano drivetrain to suit different terrains
– A Bontrager Satellite Plus IsoZone handlebar with its ergonomic grips
– Bontrager H1 Women’s saddle
– Bontrager H2 Hard-Case Lite tires that are punture resistant and designed to work well on pavements
– Front derailleur is Shimano T3000, 34.9 mm clamp, top swing, dual pull
– Rear Derailler is Shimano Acera M3000
– Weight of the bike is about 25 pounds
– Seat Post is Bontrager alloy, 27.2mm, 12mm offset, 330mm length
– The maximum weight limit of the bike is 300 pounds

One thing I love about this bike is that its cables are routed within, protecting them from the weather but also adding to the bike’s sleek appearance. You can also accessories this bike quite easily with racks, a kickstand, mudguards and lights.

One con concerning this bike is that the suspension isn’t built to deal with major dips or bumps, so you won’t be able to ride it on such types of paths. You should, however, be able to handle relatively bumpy terrain (such as gravel or dirt trails) without difficulty.

Another issue is that some people complan that the seat is not comfortable enough and they have to end up changing it to something else

Trek provides you with a lifetime warranty against faults in materials and workmanship. The frameset, main frame, and full suspension swing arms, as well as Bontrager wheels with carbon rims, are covered by a lifetime warranty.

A two-year guarantee is also included on its parts and accessories, apparel, the Bontrager wheels with its alloy rims, rear suspension linkage components and paint and decals.

Trek FX 3 Disc Women’s Size Chart

Trek FX 3 Disc Women’s 2021

Trek FX 3 Video

Shannon share more thought on her purchase of the Trek FX 3 hybrid bike

In conclusion, the FX 3 was designed with simplicity in mind. If you are looking for a sophisticated bike, then this might not be for you. This hybrid bike is a combination of a lightweight and speedy workout bike, commuter, and neighborhood cruiser.

Considering all of the positive aspects of this bike, the 2×9 drivetrain is the best technological update. Plus the 18-speed setup is similar to what you’d find on a road bike: it’s light, efficient, and designed to go fast.

5. Raleigh Detour 2 Step-Thru

raleigh women hybrid bike

The Raleigh Detour 2 bike is more efficient than a mountain bike yet more comfortable than a road bike, the Detour 2 Step Thru prizes comfort and function delivering the best of both worlds. It features a natural feeling upright riding position plus standard size road wheels for efficient longer distance city riding and commuting.

The Shimano drivetrain will take you through 21 gears making hills disappear beneath you. Its 700 by 35 seat tires with puncture protection keep you efficiently rolling along with less chance of flat tires. The tires are wider than traditional road bike tires for extra grip and stability.

The Shimano easy fire shifters allow you to smoothly click through the gears without having to move your hands. The spring-loaded comfort saddle and comfort grips will keep all your touch points with the bike relaxed and happy.

Promax alloy V brakes provide great leverage and stopping power. Best of all the Detour 2 comes shipped ready ride so it is 95% assembled out-of-the-box.

Technical Specs

– The frame is made of Aluminium
– The fork is Alloy Hybrid with Fender Mounts
– Front Derailleur is Shimano Tourney
– Back Derailleur is Shimano Altus
– Crank is Shimano Altus M310, 28/38/48t with Chainguard
– Brakes are Tektro 837 Alloy V-Brake
– Seatpost Alloy Micro Adjust 27.2x350mm
– Cranks are Shimano Altus M310, 28/38/48t with Chainguard

Raleigh Detour 2 Step Thru Assembly Video

Here is a detailed video from the manufacturer showing you how to assemble this hybrid bike for women.

Women Hybrid Bike Questions

What Are Women’s Hybrid Bikes Good For?

Hybrid bikes are great for leisurely riding around the neighborhood or on bike routes, for short-distance traveling, and for errands around town since they have big, padded seats and upright handlebars that give a comfortable riding position.

Although they can be used on paved roads, they are not as light or efficient as road bikes.

Are Hybrid Bikes Good for Exercise?

Biking is a good form of excercise so yes, you get to work out your body while you bike. Hybrid bikes aren’t designed for speed or long-distance riding. When compared to a road bike, hybrid bikes place the user in a more erect and comfortable position.

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