Strider Bike Giveaway


One of my favorite memories of Axel is on the beach in Mexico playing with another little boy. Axel had his two trucks with him and the other little boy came over and just sat beside him clearly wanting to participate in the fun. Axel looked over at the little boy and happily handed him one of his trucks. From then on they were best buddies playing with their trucks in the sand.


In the spirit of Axel’s giving soul we want to give away 5 Strider bikes for Christmas.

If you know of a family that could use a little help this season and they have a toddler that can use a Strider then send an email to with their story. You can also nominate yourself. We have 5 Strider bikes to give away and we’ll make the deadline the 15th for submission. Must be shipped in the US.



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  • I would love for my little konnor to roll on one of these! My wife beverly and I took home home from the hospital 2 yrs ago after he was off his feeding tube and through the heroin withdrawals. Beverly was able to legally adopt him last thanksgiving after a grueling year of court dates and home visits. Utah doesn’t allow same sex adoption, so he is still legally not mine, but he calls me momma and he has my heart, so none of the legal business really means anything 🙂 he is obsessed with anything on wheels and would be happy so happy to ride a bike in the spring after the snow melts.

  • I nominated a family, specifically Grady who just turned three last week. He is a wonderful kid with a hard working momma and daddy looking to give both him and his brother a good life. Thanks for your giveaway and generosity.

  • I have a little guy, Musa, who is 2 (27 mo). He is a wee bit crazy, and I think would really benefit from having a bike to release some energy on. He was able to try another little boy’s strider at the park and he picked it up immediately and loved it. I’ve been looking for a hand-me-down or second-hand one, as funds are tight this Christmas, when I came across this post. The link was shared by an old college flare who sparked my love of all things bike back then.
    Not to get into my sob story, but the reason $ is tight is because I have chosen to be a stay-at-home mama after one of my daughters died while in the care of her babysitter. That was 3 years ago. Anyway, Musa deserves a bike, and one way or another, i will make it happen, but if our situation speaks to you, then blessed be!

  • Wow. I just read your roller coaster post and realized we have a lot more in common. I thought the Axel Project sounded like a tribute, but wasn’t sure. I’ve been looking for ways to do something for my Isa. She was 3 when she drowned. My oldest was 7 at the time, and like your other son, needed another sibling after she died. The house was too damn quiet. That was when Musa came along: our little healer baby. And A LOT of life, that boy has. We have since had another little girl too. Tho the house is full and lively again, the hole is still very evident to us.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy. The Love Never Stops.
    (and ps: we did that same route thru Utah to San Diego a year ago for my sister’s wedding) So beautiful.

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