Snow Cup, Powderhorn, CO


We just completed our first event of 2014! We’ve got the Strider Adventure Zone setup pretty dialed now but for this event we added snow and the new Strider Ski attachments to all of our free demo bikes. The day started early for us, getting up and making the 2 hour drive up to Powderhorn Ski Resort.

IMG_0483Once we got set up curious parents and kids alike started to come by and the fun began:

This little guy looked all business!

DCIM100GOPROAfter running the free Adventure Zone from 10AM – 2PM we then transitioned over to races. We held a race class for each age 2-5 years old and everyone one had a blast. The kids flying around the track while the parents cheered on with their Strider cow bells!

Two of our 3 year old lined up and ready for action!


Our sole competitor in the 2 year old race, he chose to receive his award on his bike rather than the podium.



Our 3 year old’s podium.


4 year old podium – Our second place finisher refused to get off her Strider to come up and receive her award. She may still be riding around there!

DCIM100GOPROAnd finally the 5 year old’s who already know how to work a podium photo!

DCIM100GOPROA  huge thanks to Powderhorn Ski resort for inviting us out and Strider Bikes for putting them in touch with us. Hope to see you again next year!




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