Strider Ski Accessory

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Does the cold weather have you feeling down? Do you feel like you’re stuck indoors? Introducing our New Snow Strider(R) Ski Accessory! The Snow Strider Ski(R) is a fun new accessory that easily attaches and transforms your strider into the perfect winter toy, in the back yard, cross country, or on the slopes!




“Telluride is the perfect community in the summer for Strider bikes with its pedestrian-friendly town.  Being able to now make use of Strider bikes in the winter time a huge bonus.  Our youngest guests of our Ski School love to take a break from skiing and hop on something that they know – a Strider – and do something they didn’t know was possible with it – to slide on the snow!  Way to go Strider!”

–Noah Sheedy, Director, Ski and Snowboard School, Telluride Ski Resort


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