When we need help, ASK.


I’ve been a huge cycling fan for many years now. I follow all the Pro Tour races and it’s kinda my sport. It’s pretty funny, when I sit down somewhere and a person asks “do you follow the Bronco’s (Football, Baseball, Basketball) etc?” I say no, pretty much just road bicycle racing. That’s usually the end of the conversation.

One of my favorite teams has always been Euskatel-Euskadi. These guys are always the underdogs, excelling in the high mountains and just looking to poach the occasional stage win. Through thick and thin the ‘orange armada’ of fans are always there for them. The other day I was reading a story in Velonews that the team was folding at the end of this season, the economy is horrible in Spain and they simply could no longer find a sponsor to fund the millions of dollars it takes for a Pro Tour team. With their imminent demise looming just around the corner an associate of the team sent a random SMS message to a Spanish F1 race car driver, he was Formula One superstar Fernando Alonso who is also a big fan of cycling and the Euskatel Team. Literally, within one week the team was saved and Euskatel lives on!

That’s the way life is and it’s a lesson we have learned in getting Axel Project up and running. You see, Jen and I have never been ones to search out the spotlight and we’ve also (thankfully until now) never had to actively look for donations, etc… for an organization. Getting Axel Project off the ground has been a huge and eye opening process for us and the one thing we’ve learned is there are lots of great people out there who want to help…we just need to ask!

Our 3rd board member Brian has been wonderful with this and is teaching us daily to just get out there. Jen and I are not use to this but we are getting there. We have a couple of great things we are working on at the moment, the first is a children’s book which will feature Axel, his brother, and their dog which we hope to have published within the next six months (fingers crossed) and the second is our Axel Project Gran Fondo which we hope to run here in RIdgway on the Million Dollar Highway early next September.

Jen heading up the million Dollar Hwy above Ouray, CO

Jen heading up the million Dollar Hwy above Ouray, CO

Anyway, Axel Project wouldn’t even be here if it was not for the support all of YOU have given us. I’m finding it takes a lot of courage to ask for help and I’m so glad all of you have stepped up to support us.

Thank you,

Randy, Jen and Kalden

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