Mt. Sneffels with Axel


Awhile back Jen and I decided we wanted to take Axel’s ashes up on Mt. Sneffels and disperse them. Mt Sneffels can be seen right out the front window of our house and is the prominent peak in our area standing at 14,150ft. While it is not considered a very technical peak by most standards it is a fairly serious undertaking and with Kalden (our 8year old) joining us for his first 14er it added a whole other element.

Mt Sneffels on the right.

Mt Sneffels on the right.

By alpine standards we got a late start at around 9AM but with clear skies and only a 10% chance of PM showers we felt confident we could get up and back down dry and safe. We drove in as far as the trail went to minimize Kalden’s hiking (boring to him) and get him right onto the rocks. From the upper trail head at 12,600ft we hiked first across then straight up the scree fields to the saddle.


From the saddle it was up a couloir to the notch.


Once on top we had fairly clear skies and no wind so we were able to hang out and relax for a bit.

Kalden on the summit.

Kalden on the summit.

The views of Blue Lakes up there are stunning and as you can see they are aptly named!


After a few summit shots and signing the log book we were ready to turn to the main purpose of our trip. We got out Axel’s ashes and each of us threw a handful out into the breeze.


It was a pretty incredible day and I’m really happy we were able to bring Kalden up with us. I think it’s wonderful that he can look out our front door at Mt Sneffels knowing he climbed it and left a little bit of his brother up there to watch over us.

  • Beautiful…Just beautiful.

  • How absolutely beautiful and touching. The photo of Kalden with the ashes is extraordinary!

  • Pat Oscarson ( Lurye ) |

    Wow, what an incredible and moving day that had to have been for you all. I am glad you were able to spread Axel’s ashes just as you wanted. My heart feels for you every day, but I love seeing all the activities you do itch Kalden!

  • Ashley Slater |

    Thank you so much for sharing…this touched me beyond words…we have so much love and light for you guys…you all shine so bright!

    With grace and gratitude for Axel…we will never forget and Mt. Sneffels will remain…forever!!

  • Thank you for doing this ,what a blessing ,i too will look to the mountain top and know this ,prayers to all of you and may he always ride the wind on eagle’s wings as Roland said at service! May Peace be with you!!!

  • Wow, Randy, this is a beautiful post. What an emotional, amazing hike to be able to do together as a family, and a stunning place to spread a little of Axel’s joy. Tears…

  • Way to go you guys! I know folks who had lived here 20+ years before they managed to summit Sneffels. What an amazing experience that must’ve been for the three of you…

  • Spreading Axel’s ashes together must have brought some peace to you all.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Take care, Karen Day

  • Lisa Lipinski Martin |

    Beautiful and moving – Thank you for sharing, and inspiring. Thoughts and prayers are with the family.

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