Life is a rollercoaster


We’ll we’ve had one hell of a year! It has not even been a year yet since Axel was killed but it really feels like he’s been gone longer. The thing is, even when tragedy happens life does not slow down one bit. We had been back only a few months and Jen found out she was being laid off from her job! We defiently had a few days of feeling sorry for ourselves but once we finished that we took it as an opportunity to focus on and launch some new projects we are passionate about. Our first one is for the Axel Project. We are planning a road bike charity ride here in our town of Ridgway, CO. The ride will go over the world famous Million Dollar Hwy AKA Red Mountain Pass. We will be holding this event on Aug. 30th 2014 which is the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. Plan on coming out for the long weekend and join us. On Saturday, in addition to the main ride, we’ll have a family ride on our bike path to the Denise Weaver Memorial park as well as a Strider adventure zone and bounce house set up for the kids (all free). We plan to have the website up my mid-December to keep and eye out for it.

We are currently back on the road in our camper for a month. We left on November 6th taking the scenic North route towards San Diego, CA. This is a beautiful drive down SR24 through Boulder, UT, Capitol Reef NP and then onto Zion, NP. Our main destination for this leg was Zion to hike the Angels Landing. Kalden had a blast on this hike!






From Zion we headed down to Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. This place is a bit off the radar but a pretty nice find. A real playground for an 8 year old boy and his dog.



So yes, life goes on both good and bad! I can honestly say there has not been an hour in my day since losing Axel that I,ve not thought of him. My favorite thought that always comes to mind is how he liked me to sit on the couch leaning forward and he’d jump on my back to make me tip over so we would “crash”. He held on so tight and I miss that a lot.

This brings us to the next chapter of our life and why we are on the road for “only” a month. A while back Jen started feeling a bit off. mostly tired all the time and just dragging. A quick pregnancy test revealed, to our surprise, she is pregnant! To say we were shocked would be the understatement of the year. You see, when Axel was born we decided two kids was enough and since Axel was delivered via C- section she had her tubes tied. I’d like to think this gift is from Axel who was taken way to soon from us and feels Kalden really needs a sibling in his life.

So, life has been an emotional roller coaster and I’m sure we have plenty more to come, including a lot of sleepless nights starting in May 2014!

Again, thank you all for supporting the Axel Project and helping to keep our little boys memory alive.

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