Holiday Giveaway and Mission


I was reminded about how important our mission to introduce bikes to young children is when I saw the latest baby/toddler toys for the holidays. Like the fake iPads for babies attached to reclining chairs! Yes balance bikes are cute and fun but they really are more than toys.  The skill of riding a bike, no matter how old you are, changes lives. It’s important now more than ever to start kids and families off right by focusing on wellness, fun and nutrition rather than inactivity that leads to childhood obesity and too much time indoors. The joy of riding a bike also helps children gain the confidence to excel in other areas such as literacy and living a more environmentally-conscious life. The health of our kids at this critical time from the toddler years into elementary school is vital to our families, communities and the entire planet.

Of course many children, especially young children, don’t have the luxury of being exposed to bikes.  Bikes aren’t exactly a basic necessity and just having the basics are hard for so many families, pre-schools, recreation facilities, and therapy centers. It’s our hope and mission that we can continue to provide bikes throughout the next year to all these places.

And it was our drive and motivation behind giving away more bikes this holiday season. We started out with a goal of 5 bikes but because of your donations and purchases we were able to give away 15.

Here is a sampling of where they went:

  • Several children with Downs Syndrome. These were families that had heard of  balance bikes by their doctors or therapists but did not have the extra money to buy one.
  • A two year old from a struggling family. The Dad was laid off and the Mom is supporting the entire family (while pregnant) by managing a pizza place.
  • Two bikes for a family in rural Colorado. The Dad just walked out and the former stay-at-home Mom is working hard to get her skills back up and find work. They are currently on government assistance.  She is also a huge advocate and volunteer in the community. In addition, she provides her children with as much local and organic food as she could by growing her own food and working with local farmers.
  • An Occupational Therapy center got a Strider and a larger Super Strider in Florida. They see the value in bikes but simply did not have enough for all their patients. And the bikes they have are in dire need of replacement. This will get them started.
  • A two year old that just lost his Dad and sole family breadwinner in a tragic accident this November.

In addition, we were able to connect with many other organizations and individuals for the coming year. We are excited about what’s ahead and how we can make an impact through bikes.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!





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