We were in Fruita this past weekend, we have not been here in about 5 months. We were taking a bit of a break from this place because we literally spent 2 weeks camped out here when Jen was pregnant with Lars because we were delivering in Grand Junction. Fruita to Grand Junction is 15 minutes where as Ridgway to Grand Junction is 2 hours!

Today I was riding with a friend of mine, they were here with there 4 year old daughter and she was riding a trail called Kessels Run for the first time on her pedal bike. Seeing her and all the other families out here with little ones brought back so many memories we made here with Axel.

Fruita was the first stop when we set out on our ‘grand adventure’ to Mexico. We spent about a week here, hanging out and doing some great riding. Axel was getting really good on his Strider Bike so we decided he was ready to take it for a spin down Kessels run. To say I misjudged the trail for him might be an understatement. He actually did pretty well but had 2 spills (minor, no damage) and by the halfway point he looked right at me, said “DONE” dropped his bike and started walking down the trail. There was no talking him back on. That memory still brings a huge smile to my face.  We still had a ways to go so this is how we finished up.
I have so many great memories of the time we shared with Axel and a bunch of them happened right here in Fruita.

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