Axel’s case update


Many of you on here are good friends, people we’ve met in our travels or some who have discovered us and have been supporters of our mission in Axel’s memory. Axel’s case had been stalled for over 9 months as the man who was arrested appealed his arrest. We knew this was going to be a long process and we went from weekly emails to our lawyer over there to monthly and then every couple of months and things dragged on.

A couple of weeks ago our good friend and board member on the Axel Project sent a letter to the US Consulate to see what was going on. The US Consulate has been amazing for us throughout this process and jumped right on things again, first sending a representative to the town the trial was happening in to get an update from the judge handling the case then requesting a full update from our lawyer on the progress of the case.

Last week we found out that the appeal was rejected in early March and the trial is moving forward. They are charging the man with “Simple Murder” which carries a sentence of 10-16 years. In addition he is also charged with rape, an additional 10-30 years. We can only hope he ends up with the full 46 years. The sitter is being charged with negligence/omission, basically she has the same murder charge since she was there to protect him. That also carries a 10-16 year prison sentence.

I’d love to tell you how I feel about it but it literally changes on a daily basis. Some days I’m very pragmatic about it feeling that it does not matter what happens, it does not bring Axel back. However lately I find my self hoping he is suffering incredibly on a nightly basis in that Mexican jail. I could go into many gory scenario’s I’ve played out in my head in detail. I do have a lot of anger towards them but again this get me no where and does not change the fact Axel is gone.

All we can do again is focus on the good times we had in his short life and keep his memory alive through our memories, stories and the Axel Project.


  • It’s amazing to me that someone can commit such a horrible crime and only get a maximum of 46 years….it makes me sick.
    Your family is always in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Hugs from South Dakota.

  • I’m so glad to hear that there is some forward motion… it might not bring him back, and nothing can ever make it okay… but justice must be served. May they get the maximum sentence.

  • Kourtney Summers |

    I am so deeply sorry for the loss of your beautiful Axel. My own little boy rides a balance bike and I’ll think of Axel now when I watch Henry ride. Much love to you and your family, and congratulations on your impending birth.

  • My heart continues to go out to you. You are incredibly strong!! I also lost a loved one at the same time as Axel’s death. My dad. I also had a miracle baby born just after, in fact 9 months after to the day. Pregnancy and babies are amazing distractions for grieving I have found. Please continue to remember those happy memories you had with Axel, enjoy all the wonderful new amazing memories you are now making with your new little man, and always keep that awesome family of yours close!! Sending you an abundance of love from Canada.

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