An act of kindness


It’s the craziest time of year to go to the Post Office and I’ve made a bunch of trips there over the past week sending out donated and purchased Striders. Last night I finalized one more donation for our Christmas giveaway (yep, that’s 16). It is going to a 15 month old girl in Washington State who’s Mom has (advance) breast cancer. Needless to say they are buried in bills and life is day to day. Sooooo, their daughter gets a Strider!

Knowing that they open at 8:30 AM I was out the door at 8:20 and pulled up minutes before they opened. As I entered the door the line was already 10 people deep. Now, in a larger Post Office you might count yourself lucky but not here! Laura, our super nice Post Lady finally got the doors open about 10 minutes late and then she was alone to do it all. Hanging out in the Post Office here is always a bit of a social event and most everyone knows the other and chats. After waiting about 20 minutes and discussing the Axel Project with a few of the folks there a Super nice Woman I know did the most incredible thing. She said

” I’d be honored if you would let me stand in line with the Strider and pay for the postage.”

It was an incredibly kind gesture and I’m so grateful for the help and support.




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